What is Bridgeton Nazarene Kids?

We hold dear that our children are known and loved by God.  It is our mission to help children come to know Christ and to develop a personal relationship with Him.   We love to see children learn about God and connect with Him.  Through Bible stories, music, crafts, and games, we focus on raising our children to become people who love God and live for Him.

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What do we believe?

God Loves YOU

Because of sin you can't live the way God wants you to live. Sin is disobeying God.

Jesus died for our sins!

God makes it possible for us to become like a new person now and to be with Him after we die.

You can receive Jesus as your Savior after you repent.

Romans 3:23; Ephesians 2:8-9; Romans 5:8; 2 Corinthians 5:17; Romans 6:23; 1 John 1:9


All children's workers 18 years old or older must have a full background check before working with the children in any capacity

All volunteers not only need a background check but must be approved by the children's counsel, and Sunday School board.

All children must be dropped off and picked up from their classroom or activity by an adult on file. New children will need parents to fill out paper work for allergies and contact information.

Meeting Times

Sunday School 9:30am-10:30am

Junior church 10:30am-Noon*

(some Sundays are family worship Sundays)

Wednesday  Nights

September- June

Nazarene Caravan 

(Christian Scouting Program)

June-August Summer Kids Club


Bible Quizzing 

September through April

Sunday Nights 6pm-7pm

Church Nursery

Our church Nursery is located just down the stairs from the main sanctuary doors. Parents can live stream the Sunday morning service from the nursery.  Parents are able to use the nursery during any service. Please note the nursery is only for ages 0-3. 

Mother's Room

In addition to the Nursery we also have a small Mother's room, across from the main sanctuary bathrooms. Mothers are welcome to use this room as needed, privacy is respected. 

Upcoming Events

Meet The Directors

Mrs. Jill Sarog

Mrs. Jill has been serving as Children's Director since 2008. She has been married to her husband Kenny for 12 years. They have 2 boys, and a dog named Chloe.

In May 2017 Mrs. Jill received her lay certificate in Children's Ministries. 

She loves to work with children and teach them about Jesus!

Mrs. Michelle Evans

Mrs. Michelle has been working in the Children's department for years! She is our Bible Quizzing coach and would love to talk to you about quizzing!

Mrs. Terri Hetzell

Mrs. Terri is our Caravan (Christian scouting program) Director that meets on Wednesday nights during the school year. Mrs. Terri is always looking for future scouts! 

Bridgeton Nazarene

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